Why is Cooling Water good for you?

In traditional Chinese medicine, heatiness is often referred to as a state where the hot energy of the body (yang) overpowers its cooling counterpart (yin). Such an imbalance leads to a myriad of health problems. While excessive physical activities in hot weather can contribute to symptoms of heatiness, the likeliest root of the problem stems from unmonitored living and dietary habits. Such habits comprise excessive consumption of spicy and greasy food, an immoderate amount of alcohol, smoking, stress, and lack of rest. The general symptoms of heatiness may vary from irritability, concentration loss, fatigue, and profuse sweating to mouth ulcers, acne breakout, a sore throat, and even fever.

Cooling water helps relieve heatiness

Three Legs Cooling Water

Since its production in 1937, the Three Legs Cooling Water has become a household product for many families across Southeast Asia as a reliable and affordable combatant to all heat-related health problems. Our renowned cooling water is made from deionised water and Gypsum Fibrosum —natural ingredients used in many traditional Chinese medicinal recipes for their cooling properties. As such, the cooling water is highly effective to restore balance to the body system and relieve common ailments caused by intense heat in the body.


Similar to our classic cooling water product, Cooltopia contains all the natural ingredients from traditional Chinese medicine to relieve heatiness in the body. Available in guava, lychee and lime flavours, the Three Legs Cooltopia can become a great alternative to your favourite sweetened drinks sans the excess sugar and artificial additives.

The unforgiving heat of Singapore’s tropical climate can make you perspire in a matter of minutes—draining your energy and disrupting your daily activities. Fortunately, our cooling water can become a good source of hydration to quench your thirst and keep you energised throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated

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