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Is Three Legs cooling water halal-certified?

Yes. Our products are all certified-halal.

Can I drink Three Legs cooling water with western medicine?

We do not recommend it. Our recommendation is to drink it one hour after consuming western medicine.

When is the best time to drink Three Legs Cooling Water?

Anytime. Especially when the body shows symptoms of “heatiness”.

If I do not have body “heatiness”, can I still consume and treat Three Legs Cooling Water as a normal drink?

Yes. Three Legs Cooling Water can be used to relieve the body of or prevent “heatiness”, which may be caused by hot weather or the consumption of spicy food or the other factors explained above.

I have not drank Three Legs Cooling Water before, can I know how does it taste like?

Three Legs Cooling Water is available in two types: - Classic Cooling Water which is colorless, odorless, sugar-free, and tastes similar to natural mineral water. It is available in 200ml & 500ml. - Cooltopia which is in Lychee, Guava and Lime flavour. It is available in 320ml.

How long can I store my Three Legs Cooling Water? How long can I keep it after I have opened the bottle?

The shelf life is printed onto the bottle. You can keep it for the next day if you are unable to finish it during the same day. However, for Cooltopia, it is best to finish it on the same day.

What are the active ingredients in Three Legs Cooling Water?

The main active ingredients in Three Legs Cooling Water is raw Gypsum Fibrosum.

Are there any side effects if I drink more than the daily-recommended dosage?

It is advisable to drink according to the recommended dosage. There are no known side effects for over dosage.

Can I drink Three Legs Cooling Water with meals?

Yes, especially with barbecued, fried or spicy food. Three Legs Cooling Water is able to relieve the “heatiness” caused by these types of food.

Is there anyone who should not drink Three Legs Cooling Water?

Three Legs Cooling Water is suitable for all age groups. However, for those who have cold body constitution, drink it in moderation.

Can Three Legs Cooling Water help to improve our respiratory health that is affected by haze?

Yes, it can help. According to Chinese Medicine theory, smoke/haze can lead to body “heatiness”. Some of the symptoms include dry and sore throat. Three Legs Cooling Water is able to relieve body “heatiness”.

Can I drink Three Legs Cooling Water when it is cold?

Yes. However, drink Three Legs Cooling Water at room temperature if you have a fever.

Is Three Legs Cooling Water suitable to drink after sports-related activities?

Yes, it quickly regulates the balance of body heat and help to replenish water.

Is the flavor added into Three Legs Cooltopia healthy?

We use fruits flavoring which comply with the safety and quality guidelines from international health standards.